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AP Triple Polish Wax

AP Triple Polish Wax
Blue, red, and yellow colored, high foaming, spray polymer conditioners for use in all automatic tri-colored applications. Contains carnauba wax and optical brighteners to enhance foam show. Bubble Gum Scent 1:500 Dilution
Scent-Bubble Gum Color-B, R, Y Available in 5, 15, 30, or 55 gallons
Item WX 210

Ultra Tropical Triple Shine Wax

Ultra Tropical Triple Shine Wax
Ultra Concentrated blue, red, yellow colored, super foaming polymer-carnauba wax. This product will offer your customer a brightly colored foam show while leaving their vehicle with a mirror like shine. Bubble gum scent. 1:800 Dilution
Item WX 219

Low PH Tropical Triple Shine Wax

Low PH Tropical Triple Shine Wax
High foaming concentrated low ph wax. Amphoteric surfactants enhance water sheeting from car. Bubble gum scent.
Available in blue, red, and yellow color. 1:600 Dilution
Item WX 220

Glow Foam Wax

Excel Glow Foam Wax
A unique ph balanced foaming wax conditioner designed to be used in all tri color foam systems. Bubble gum scent with hot pink neon blue, or canary yellow color. (Available in low ph version.)
Available in blue, red, and yellow color. 1:1600 Dilution
Item EX 212

Excel Foaming Lemon Wax

Foaming Lemon Wax
Concentrated wax that gives your customers a pleasing lemon scent and a flash foam show.
1:100 Dilution
Item WX 215

Super Hyper Clear Coat WAX

Super Hyper Clear Coat WAX
Formulated as a final step clear Protectant and drying agent. It offers great protection and a premium shine to the vehicles finish.1:175 Dilution
Scent - Cherry Color - Pink Available in 5, 15, 30, or 55 gallons
Item WX 211

Final Rinse WAX

Final Rinse WAX
Scientifically engineered formulation that provides a glossy, water repellant wax, on the final rinse cycle. It is a super concentrated spray wax that acts as both a drying agent and rinse aide. 1:325 Dilution
Scent - Cherry Color - Amber Available in 5, 15, 30, or 55 gallons
Item WX 213

Weather X

Weather X
New Polymer Technology bonds with glass, chrome, and clear coat, to provide vehicle with a weather tight temporary sealant to lockout the elements. This polymer last 30 days and protects against grime, road film, rain, ice, snow, etc. 1:400 Dilution.
Item WX 214

Excel Clear Coat Protectant

Excel Clear Coat Protectant
This deep blue, lemon scented clear coat protectant produces a visible high gloss shine on your customers' cars. 1:700 Dilution.
Item EX 213

Wax Product Demonstrations

Final Rinse Wax

Ultra Tropical Triple


Low PH Tropical Triple