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Wall Cleaner
Brick Renew

Brick Renew
Scientifically formulated to clean natural brick and stone walls without scrubbing. Simply spray Brick Renew on the wall and rinse off with a high pressure water stream. Loosens and removes scale, soap scum, and oxidation.
Item BR208


Klean Wall

Klean Wall
Bay Wall and equipment cleaner. Spray on - Rinse off formula. Our Klean Wall cleaner has made the once dreaded task of cleaning walls a simple and easy job. Just spray Klean Wall on and rinse off. Klean Wall cleans stainless steel, fiberglass, brick, block, metal and painted walls. Diluted 1:10
Item KW 210

Klean Wall Product Demonstrations

Brick Wall Demonstration

Concrete Wall Demonstration
Metal Wall Demonstration
Painted Block Demonstration
Plastic Sign Demonstration
Plastic Wall Demonstration
Rust Demonstration
Stainless Steel Demonstration
Tile Wall Demonstration
Tunnel Demonstration